Surf’s Up at Sam’s Bar Mitzvah at Glen Island Harbour Club

08 Aug 2016


SEA.SUN.SAM. That was the theme of Sam’s Bar Mitzvah at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, New York. But, the celebration began at the Temple Israel Center in White Plains for a photo shoot with Sam, his family and Sarah Merians. The stained glass windows in the Temple sanctuary were classic, yet unique. Sam’s love of the beach paired well with the beautiful water views of the Glen Island park and harbor at his Mitzvah celebration. Both Balloon Artistry and Arcadia Floral Company contributed to the décor and On the Move and Winston’s Crew Collective made the party even more fun and special. It was great to see and hear live music for a change at a Bar Mitzvah. A real beach party! We loved all the beach-themed details from the Mitzvah cake to the lei necklaces and flip flop socks given out to Sam’s friends to the shark costume Sam’s little sister wore to surprise him! Congratulations, Sam!



VENUE: Temple Israel Center White Plains
VENUE DETAILS: Glen Island Harbour Club
DÉCOR: Balloon Artistry and Arcadia Floral Company
ENTERTAINMENT: On the Move Entertainment- Winston’s Crew Collective
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Merians Photography &amp
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Sarah Merians

Sarah Merians is the CEO and founder of Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company,a New York based company,founded in 1986. Known for being the premier boutique photographer in NYC,capturing people,families and special has been said that "Sarah makes celebrities feel like everyday people and everyday people feel like celebrities."

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