Sam Turns 13 and Celebrates His Bar Mitzvah at Life in Ardsley, NY

20 Jun 2016


Sarah and Chris enjoyed celebrating with Sam and his whole family earlier this month at Sam’s Mitzvah bash. The weekend kicked off with a Friday evening dinner at Westchester Reform Temple followed by a photo shoot at the Temple the next morning before the service. Sarah and Chris got some great shots of the family outside on the Temple grounds in addition to some photos on the Bimah with the Torah and in front of the sleek and modern colored glass wall.

The party kicked into high gear later that afternoon at Life, The Place to Be in Ardsley. The club-style party space was perfect for Sam and his friends and was decorated with seated tables with floating candles in simple vases and lounge style seating for the kids. What made the room special was the neon blue and green lighting that enveloped the walls and the dance floor, really setting the mood.

Life coordinated all parts of the event from the décor to the games and catering.

Mazel Tov, Sam!

VENUE: Westchester Reform Temple/Life the Place to Be
ENTERTAINMENT:  Travesties Entertainment
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company, Sarah and Chris
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Sarah Merians

Sarah Merians is the CEO and founder of Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company,a New York based company,founded in 1986. Known for being the premier boutique photographer in NYC,capturing people,families and special has been said that "Sarah makes celebrities feel like everyday people and everyday people feel like celebrities."

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