08 Feb 2021


There are so many items on a “to do” list for planning and making a Mitzvah celebration for your accomplished 13-year-old child.  One of the products we offer, and sell is a family photo montage to be displayed at a Mitzvah celebration or lately on ZOOM Mitzvahs.

Some clients put the montage piece in the beginning before the service begins on ZOOM, and others put it at the end as a congratulations surprise for all!  Whatever way you choose to utilize this product we strongly recommend creating one for your child.

A montage is a compilation of 100-200 images of your mitzvah child growing up through the past years since their birth.  It is created with music selections of your choice to make it fun and upbeat.    It is a great keepsake for the family but more importantly a wonderful gift to give to your child to say we are proud of the young man or woman you have become.  These images are memories of their childhood and on their Mitzvah day they will become a young adult.  This gift will affirm how much you love them, how important they are to the family and you and just how proud you are of them!!!   It is a time to look forward to many more memories while reflecting and cherishing the old ones!!


“OMG It is soooo good!!! Beyond awesome.  I really cannot thank you enough. He is going to love it. And so, will everyone else. Huge thumbs up.”

Dani, Mitzvah mom 2/6/21


Enjoy this gift given to James this past Saturday by HIS parents!


Sarah Merians

Sarah Merians is the CEO and founder of Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company,a New York based company,founded in 1986. Known for being the premier boutique photographer in NYC,capturing people,families and special has been said that "Sarah makes celebrities feel like everyday people and everyday people feel like celebrities."

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