FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION – another mitzvah story

04 Mar 2021


Sarah was thrilled to receive a phone call from David and Melissa to capture their son’s micro mitzvah last October, Fall of 2020.  It was 16 years ago that Sarah photographed their wedding at The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan.  We love meeting the next generation and growing with our clients.  This was pure joy for Sarah to meet their son, Ryan and see how their family had grown since 2005.

Sarah and David had a great laugh remembering that both he and his wife had the same last name, and it was the Cohen-Cohen wedding!  Sarah remembered this and all loved resharing that great memory.

When it came time to book the micro mitzvah…Sarah was already booked for the date and suggested Sheila who had photographed her own daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and was excellent!  Sheila has been with our studio for the past 20 years and we love her and her talent!

Sheila captured Ryan’s service at Temple Emanuel on 65th street.  This Synagogue is so grand and beautiful.  We loved the dancing light from the stained glass and how Sheila captured it.  We especially loved her fisheye lens from the balcony!  All the grandparents were present and had the chance to see their grandson become Bar Mitzvah through these crazy pandemic times.

The temple had plenty of room for social distancing and Sheila maintained her location in the balcony for the entire service.  We love how capable and mature Ryan was at temple, and how sweet it was for him to help adjust the microphone for his parents when they came up to the Bema.  A microphone was set up for grandparents and other speakers to also maintain their distance and stay safe.  Face masks were worn through the service as required and the day was a huge success!!!

Sarah wanted to be a part of the celebration in some way and see her clients again after all these years.  She offered on a sunny day right after the service to stop by their home for a few quick pics on the upper west side by the park.  It was great to reconnect with this family and share this Mitzvah from generation to generation.

TEMPLE: Temple Emanuel, Manhattan
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Merians Photography &amp
VIDEOGRAPHY: Sarah &amp ,Sheila
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Sarah Merians

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