We love growing with our clients and being part of their brises and baby namings…

09 Aug 2023




One of our favorite professional events to capture is a newborn baby at the beginning of their life.  It is certainly the BEST time to begin celebrating and hosting family events.


We love how the family dynamic instantly changes with the birth of a new baby.  Parents become grandparents, siblings become aunts and uncles and the new generation begins.  We are overjoyed to grow with our clients as their family grows.  A big birthday, anniversary, or milestone can be documented by a professional photographer or videographer while you enjoy your party.


We are here to help with any video or photography needs you have for these momentous events and to celebrate your bris or baby naming with you!


Sarah captured this Bris in May for baby Ian and his family, and we wanted to share some of these amazing moments.


Here is some information about Cantor Mark Kushner who performed the Bris.
He has been practicing brit milah since 1977. He studied and trained under Yosef Halperin z”l, Chief Mohel of Jerusalem, at Bikur Cholim Hospital where he was certified as a Mohel in Israel. He has local certification from the Brit Milah Board of Greater Philadelphia. Additionally, Cantor Kushner holds a Bachelor of Sacred Music and the certificate of Hazzan in Israel as well as an honorary doctorate from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and a masters in Jewish education from Gratz College.


He approaches his responsibilities as a mohel seriously, carrying out the mitzvah with sensitivity, dignity and in as beautiful a way as possible. Cantor Kushner is shomer mitzvot and sets high standards for ritual practice in his personal life as well as in his professional life.


He wears surgical gloves and sterilizes his metal instruments in an autoclave after each use. All other supplies required for the brit are disposable. As is the preference of religiously trained mohalim, Cantor Kushner uses a Mogen clamp. He addresses any pain the baby may experience with a topical anesthetic, infant acetaminophen, and sweet wine.


Cantor Kushner is in touch with parents following each brit and is always available to respond to individual questions or concerns. His daily travels take him from the New York metropolitan area to Delaware, from Harrisburg to the Jersey shore and all points in between.


Should you have a baby girl, Cantor Kushner is available to perform a Simchat Bat, naming ceremony, for your daughter.


If you are reading this article and need him…Mazel Tov!
Sarah also captured a beautiful “baby naming” for newborn Lily and her proud new parents at Temple Emanuel  in July with 20 family members.   Rabbi Sara Sapadin conducted the ceremony, and it was so special.  Temple Emanuel is a magnificent iconic Synagogue located on 65th Street in Manhattan.   Rabbi Sara Y. Sapadin | Temple Emanu-El (
We are so honored to be invited into our client’s lives to photograph this love and commitment.
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