Sarah on the importance of virtual sales tools post covid

27 Oct 2021



Our Company has received many requests from our vendors and fellow event warriors on helping them to rebrand and reenter the world of parties in a safe and creative way.  The photos and videos they have may not represent who they are today and what they have to offer post 2020!   Our photography and video capture are a professional and digital product that can be used and shared in many ways to help bring in more business as we all evolve.   Here is one example of a midtown restaurant, Gallaghers.

We are recommended and work a lot at their incredible other venue in iconic Central Park, The Central Park Boat House.  This was Sarah’s very first account in the late 80’s!!!  Because of this long and trusted relationship, Sarah was asked by the owner of The Poll Group to capture the newly renovated famous steakhouse as they restructured their space upstairs on the second floor for private parties.

They added many features to help them capture business post Covid 19.  We will share several examples of how our photography has now helped their online sales business.

Venues are creating smaller and private spaces for milestone celebrations and small weddings.  People want to celebrate again and see their work associates, family, and friends!  Gallaghers installed two sets of wall dividers that can close or open their event space to accommodate privacy and safety.  We have seen a huge rise in Corporate and Social events even if they are smaller groups of guests, people need to gather again.

Venues have added large TV’s or Plasma screens to their space as IT can bring hundreds of more people to the party…even if virtual.  Technology plays a large role in events now more than ever.  Clients can choose to share their event through ZOOM.  For Gallagher’s we will be adding their logo to the TV for branding purposes.

Sarah also captured the different LED lighting and colors that they added to their space.  This was clever to do as companies have their own logos and branding for events and this is a great new offering for them.  If a company has a blue logo, it can be on the screen as well as the lighting at the bar would be blue too.  These are small add-ons that don’t cost a lot and provide more value.  Customizing each event is important now more than ever.  What is your unique selling proposition?  How can we help you too?

We can capture the exterior of the venue for use on websites and other branding collateral in addition to the room shots and décor images.  We can also capture a few” food set ups” as photos make for great sales tools.  We are seeing clients less in person now pre-event and selling more though online and websites.

We can help with creating advertisements and marketing pieces for you with our in-house art department.  Once we have great photos w can create anything for you.  Photos and videos are the best sales tools as clients we find don’t have a great imagination.  Our photo links are great ways to share your products and venue offerings with them.


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Sarah Merians

Sarah Merians is the CEO and founder of Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company,a New York based company,founded in 1986. Known for being the premier boutique photographer in NYC,capturing people,families and special has been said that "Sarah makes celebrities feel like everyday people and everyday people feel like celebrities."

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