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Over the past 30+ years, we have grown into a full-service studio for all stages of our client’s lives. Our mitzvah children have become our brides and grooms, and our brides and grooms have continued to return with their new and growing families. From belly to boardroom, we truly capture life at its best!
Our family portrait division came about through both Sarah’s love of children and her strong relationships with her brides and grooms. It was only a matter of time before Sarah was invited to photograph their growing families with the same creativity and care that made their wedding photos and albums so exquisite.
Families are about generations, and the generations help us to weave a story and leave a legacy for our children. We are so thrilled to be there for our clients as they welcome their new generations into the world. This division is where kids and photography click!
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Meet Sarah

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved little kids. At the age of 14, I started to babysit and found that I not only loved playing with children in parks, but also loved quiet moments just reading a book with them. It was great to feel like a kid again. Babysitting quickly became one of the many things I enjoyed as a teenager.

In addition to babysitting, I discovered a love for drawing and painting at a young age, and with my parent’s encouragement, I found I had a natural talent. As a kid, I began taking many art classes and just loved doing projects and expressing myself through the arts. I learned to combine these two passions and started doing art projects with my babysitting kids. I found this to be so personally rewarding. It was such creative fun! This confirmed my love of children and my passion for fine art and combining the two.

When I turned sixteen, I found a new hobby: photography. I am sure that is no surprise for some. Ha! Naturally, I merged my love of photography with my love of babies and children and began photographing them. I gave my babysitting moms photos of their children and they were blown away! I will never forget how that moment made me feel so proud. I then went off to college to receive a dual degree in the arts (BFA) and Early Childhood Education. The rest is history.

Today, my photographic style has evolved, and I am able to capture this fun with children through my camera lens. My playfulness and ability to be silly while shooting allows the kids to be more open and feel comfortable with me. It is through this passionate and loving style that I can capture the spirit of your child and we can have a successful photo session where we all walk away having had so much fun!!

My own children have “grown and flown” as they say…and I am so lucky to be able to live vicariously through my clients and still be around babies and kids.

Family is so important to me and I value having the opportunity every year to capture our clients and watch their family grow. It is just awesome!!

I know it sounds corny…but I love what I do for a living and do not feel like I work a day in my life. I feel so lucky to be able to merge so much of what I love into my kids and family photography business.

For this I am blessed.

XO Sarah

Our Work

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Kids & Family Pricing:

All packages below include a password protected online gallery
(for viewing and image selection) from which all high-resolution
digital files may be downloaded for use.

Maternity Session / $850.00

1 ½ hour photo session at our studio with Sarah Merians

Newborn Session in your home / $1,100.00

(2) hour session (50) high res digital files

Maternity and Newborn Session / $1,750.00

Two (1 ½) hour photo sessions in our studio with Sarah Merians

First year package / $2,900.00

0 (newborn) 3 months, 6months, 9 months 12 months
(1 year “smash the cake shoot”)
Select 4 out of 5 shoots.

Kids Headshots / $650.00

Professional headshots in studio and some outdoor. (2) retouched
Images included with all processed high-resolution images

Family Session / $850.00

In studio 1 hour photo session/ Some photos outdoor weather permitting.

Family Session with extended family on location / $1,100.00

Best gift to give your parents who have everything! A gift of the people they love! ** Gift certificates available!

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Where is your office located?

Our studio is in Union Square area.  We are located at 111 Fourth Avenue Between 11th and 12th streets. 

How do we book a session with Sarah?

Sarah is very available to connect with potential parents and the best way to reach Sarah is through her email or calling the studio 212-633-0502 [email protected]

Do you do location shoots in our home?

Yes, we do location shoots in private homes and public parks or wherever is meaningful for you. The photo session involves more time including travel and is typically in the tri-state area. Some travel fees may apply.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, we have a studio set up for custom and private photo sessions. We utilize the state-of-the-art equipment with professional umbrella lighting. We have several backdrop choices and discuss options before the day of shoot, so it is ready and set up.

Do you photograph sessions on the weekends?

We do have availability on the weekends. It is a popular time for shoots, and they will need to be reserved.

How do you deal with “Covid 19” restrictions?

Like we have since March of 2020. Sarah wears a mask for the photo session and stays 6 feet away. Clients will arrive at studio; wash their hands and we are ready and safe! Our lobby may take your temperature and ask a few health questions. We are clean and professional and ask you always wear a mask except during the photo sessions. Our client’s safety is as important as our own.

Can we take photos with our I phone during the session?

Many professional photographers have an issue with this. Sarah feels one or two are OK but it is important that the family concentrate on the shoot and it may be confusing and distracting for young children as they may not know who to look at or listen to. It is best to have the professional take all the photos.

Do you allow pets in photo sessions?

Pets are allowed in photo sessions in your home or any outdoor neighborhood. They are part of the family and can add a lot of love and fun to the shoot. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the studio.

What props do you have for the shoots?

We have a lot of fun props for the studio shoots for kids of all ages. We have small bathtubs, wash bins and flowerpots and small chairs for small children. The studio has toys and other miscellaneous props, but we suggest bringing two items for the shoot that will make your child smile. After all you know your child best! These samples can be seen on our website galleries. Check them out!

When do we get to see the images?

We post the high-resolution images on a private portal viewed through our website. It is password protected and images will be available for viewing and downloading with in one week from date of photo session.

How long does the photo session last?

Most photo sessions are one hour to two hours. A lot depends on the subjects and the age of the children. It is important to be patient in these photo sessions. Also, if the session is going well Sarah may want to keep going while it is fun and exciting. Sometimes it will take a little time for kids of all ages to warm up for the shoot. Some children are shy, and some are more outgoing. I would allow 1-2 hours.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

We do sell Gift Certificates for family and newborn sessions. A maternity / Newborn two shoot package is very popular. I know we are partial, but it truly is the best gift to give someone you love. Photos of the people they love.

What is the final product we receive after our session?

The final product is included in the portrait session. It consists of high-resolution digital files that have been processed and color corrected. You will receive a password and log into my private password protected website to view and download the images. The viewing platform is user friendly, e – commerce, modern and simple to use.

Do you provide make up for your photo sessions?

We can recommend a couple of makeup teams, but we do not provide make up in my studio. Please note that we can do light retouching in post-production for a small fee as well. We tone down shiny faces in post-production for additional orders.

Do you charge extra for twins?

Most studios do charge twice as much for twins as it is “twice the work”. Sarah is an identical twin and because of this is not only an expert on twin photography buy also would never charge more for this endeavor. Yes, it IS twice the work but also twice the joy and we do not believe in penalizing anyone for having twins in any way! It is a double blessing and should be rewarded!!

What products do you sell in addition to the photo session?

We are a full-service studio who loves working with clients as much after the photo shoot as during. We sell loose prints for home or office, framed prints for walls in city or summer homes, and beautiful designed albums from adventures on family vacations, birthday parties or family portrait sessions. One of our favorite products to sell are cool designed holiday cards that are designed from scratch with you. We have lots of great products and gift ideas.

Do we own all the rights to images after shoot?

Yes, all copyright to images are owned by you as part of the sales contract with photo session included. We still do encourage you to let us help you with post orders. When you order through us, we include light retouching for free. We stand by our quality and work.

Do you retouch images?

We lightly retouch images for shiny faces, or some fly away hair. We also will retouch a flash in a window or mirror reflection. More extensive retouching is available at a charge. Please inquire.

Do we take credit cards?

We do not take credit cards and offer several other payment options. We use Venmo, Chase- ZELLE and of course accept a business or personal check.

What Maternity clothing do you have in your studio and provide for the shoot?

In todays “COVID 19” environment we suggest bringing your own clothing items. The studio does have two robes that are black and one that is lace and white. They are simple, clean and can be worn for the photo session. We also have a large piece of black fabric as a drape if it is requested.

Do I need to be nude for a maternity shoot?

No, you do not need to be nude for a maternity session. I always tell clients no “T & A” …just face and belly! Ha The thought behind the photo shoot is to show your beautiful round belly and your face in an elegant and stunning way. It will be flattering and beautiful. Some women get more naked than others. You will see how you feel in the photo session and communicate with Sarah before and during the session directly. This should be a completely comfortable experience and an experience to treasure. The studio will only have yourself (and your spouse or partner) and Sarah. It is quiet and private.

Can I have my husband/partner and other children in the photo session?

Of course! The more the merrier! It is your photo session and your choice. It is suggested that they join at the second part of the session. The lighting can require some patience and concentration for the photographer and children joining for the second half of session is better. One of Sarah’s favorite maternity shots is capturing a big brother or sister kissing mom’s belly and “the new baby”. This photo will become a family story and remarkable moment to capture forever.

Where do you do your maternity shoots? Do we need to come to your studio?

We do our maternity sessions in our studio. It is private and has backdrops and studio lighting. Working with controlled lighting in a studio will produce dramatic results and help with the maternity posing. We use a wrap around light and produce artistic results. Please look in our maternity gallery.

How much time should I allow for a session?

Maternity shoots take time. I would allow 1 -2 hours. A variety of outfits or not are suggested…and the lighting is very creative and artsy and requires some time to get it just right. Less is more with Maternity photography. We strive for a fine art winner and truly take out time capturing this miracle of life.

How do you stay protected and safe while photographing a pregnant woman?

Like we have since March of 2020. Sarah wears a mask for the photo session and stays 6 feet away. Clients will arrive at studio; wash their hands and we are ready and safe! Our lobby may take your temperature and ask a few health questions. We are clean and professional and ask you always wear a mask except during the photo sessions. Our client’s safety is as important as our own.

Should I bring several outfits? What should I wear?

We recommend wearing what you are comfortable posing in. Sarah recommends 3 different looks. One would be some semi-nude pose with a robe, sheer fabric, drape material, your husband’s work shirt, sexy bra and underwear or a cute maternity dress. We have two clean robes in white and black in our studio. Please look at our maternity gallery to get some creative ideas from ladies before you! ????

Do you have different backdrops?

We do have different backdrops for this type of photography. We recommend only using white and black back drops for maternity photos. They are very artsy and dramatic as well as classic and simple. Black and white photos are recommended, and the simple backdrops will enhance the dramatic lighting for this studio session. This is one of Sarah’s favorite shoots. Who does not love capturing a miracle?

When should I schedule my maternity session?

We feel this photo session should be something to look forward to at the very end of your pregnancy in the 8th month or last trimester. Ironically, you want to be as large as possible and very pregnant looking! Who would have thought you would ever want a big belly for a professional photo shoot of yourself? ????

How should I wear my hair for the photo session?

We suggest wearing your hair up and down. Sarah has a fan in the studio, and it is fun for maternity shoots and sometimes nice to have a different look and show your neck with hair up.

When should I reach out to schedule my newborn session?

We suggest you bring your newborn to the studio when you feel ready to bring the baby outside. A two-week-old baby will sleep better through a session than a more active 6-week-old newborn. The teenier the better! A fussy newborn can be challenging. Sometimes we set up a heating pad under newborn to keep cuddly and warm and help them stay asleep through the shoot so we can have fun posing him or her!

Can I bring my other children and husband/partner to the shoot?

Absolutely! It is your photo session and your choice. It is suggested that they join at the second part of the session. The lighting can require some patience and concentration for the photographer and children joining for the second half of session is better. One of Sarah’s favorite newborn shots is capturing a big brother or sister kissing “the new baby”. This photo will become a family story and remarkable moment to capture forever.

How much time should I allow for this session?

A newborn session is not a “quickie”. It does take time to pose your new baby and not rush through anything. Safety is our priority. Newborn shoots are at least 1 ½ hours long. We work around your baby and how she or he is feeling.

What combinations do you capture if I bring my spouse and other siblings?

We capture all combinations if the entire immediate family is at the session. The baby or siblings may not last long, so we always ask what is most important and start with those combinations first.

What props and items should I bring for the session?

We suggest any personalized baby gifts to add to the special nature of the photo session. In example a blanket with baby’s initials or name, special silver rattle or props unique to you and your baby. It could just be a favorite teddy bear, book, toy, cute hat or sports item for a sports or hobby photo. We also suggest baby diaper coverings. The studio has some clean props like baby pearls and positioning pillows. We suggest you bring your own hair props or fabrics to swaddle your newborn. As much of your own items we use the better for safety reasons. Please look at our website gallery.

Do you sanitize props and have a clean studio space?

We clean the shooting area as best as we can. Sarah Merians is type A and very clean and constantly wipes everything down!

Should I coordinate baby feedings with timing for photo session?

It is best to coordinate the newborn session in between feedings so the baby is full and sleeps well. We cannot rush a feeding, so timing and planning is important. Please bring your own wipes and supplies for your newborn. The studio does not have supplies. We realize “spit happens” and suggest diaper cloths and change of clothes.

What are the benefits of doing a newborn shoot in your studio?

The lighting is more controllable in the studio. There are greater opportunities for beautiful soft lighting and posing your newborn. We have several props that are clean and sanitized. Our studio is clean, warm, and safe and set up for artistic images of your new baby and family.

What should my baby wear?

We recommend your baby wearing whatever is comfortable. Familiar clothes that you know fit well and are not stiff will allow your baby to relax. Please brings a few different outfits and looks. Some casual and comfy like pajamas and some formal for a holiday shoot or baby announcement. Extra clothing in case of drool or spit up is suggested. Naked baby photos are beautiful without showing private parts. Parents should wear black or bring a long sleeve black shirt for some artsy newborn photos holding the baby.

What time of day should I schedule the photo session for my newborn?

We work around your baby’s schedule. The best time is after taking a nap and having been fed on the baby’s regular schedule. Your baby should be well rested and happy. Should you be nursing, try and feed before you arrive to maximize on Sarah’s time for shooting. If you are nursing and need to while at studio it is fine.

How old does my baby need to be for a photo session?

There is no specific age that is ideal for a baby shoot. Every age is delicious and worth photographing!! We suggest buying a “first year baby package” because the first year of your new baby’s life will seem to fly by. It is good to have us remind you it is time for the next photo shoot. That is us! We suggest 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months for a “First Year Package”. Zero being newborn. Three months is mostly tummy time and with parents, six months your child will begin to sit up on their own, and 9 months will probably be able to stand by holding on to something. All these ages are unique and wonderful to capture.

Is there a better time of day to photograph babies?

It is best to photography your baby at the time of day that is best for your child. We suggest just after a good nap is best. Snacks will help in the shoot especially as a reward or if baby is hungry!!

Where do you do baby shoots? Do we need to come to your studio?

We do our baby sessions in our studio or on location. It is private and has backdrops and studio lighting. Working with controlled lighting in a studio will produce dramatic results.

Do you have special packages for first year shoots?

We do have special packages for first year. We want to stay connected and each month is so precious for your baby!

Is there a best age to capture babies?

Ha! Every age is a best age to capture your baby! We recommend 3 months (belly photos), 6 months (sitting up photos), 9 months (standing up holding on), 1 year (standing and “smash the cake”)

Should I bring snacks for the photo session? Is food allowed?

We encourage snacks if they are “dry” and not messy. The studio does not like water!!!! (Containers of cheerios is suggested. Please do not bring sugar food or candy that will get your child hyper from a sugar rush!!!)

What should I bring for the shoot?

Please bring clothing and props that will add to your child’s happiness. See website galleries for ideas or discuss with Sarah before the photo session.

How long is the photo session?

A photo session can be one to 2 hours depending on package, age of child and how the shoot goes. Every shoot is unique for each family and child. There is no exact science …just a lot of talent, love, and patience!

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