We were so excited to share in a second Mitzvah with this amazing and creative family last year.  There is a Jewish expression…” We plan and G-d laughs” and as we all know COVID 19 appeared last Spring and this Bat Mitzvah like so many others needed to be postponed.

Last Fall the planning began again for a different kind of Mitzvah celebration.  Tanya, Abigaels’s mom is an incredible knitter and was so excited when her daughter came to her asking to create something she could wear on her big day.  Tanya stated, “Once I made progress on her cabled shawl, I determined I had enough time to knit my own sweater.  We both felt warm and cozy for outdoor photos without a jacket!”  We thought this was very cool and so creative and just had to share!  Amazing job Tanya!!!

The day started for our photographer Sheila at the family home in Westchester for some family photos.  Of course, the family dog was part of the photo session as well as two beautiful grandmas and some other family.  We love the spontaneous, funny, and social distance photography.

The family had just renovated their basement and called the contractor back to clean up the family garage for a small micro mitzvah.  Mom ordered white fabric, dad ordered lighting and the party venue was a huge success!!!  The family provided a zoom for all to share in the afternoon and 30 minute socially distant visits were arranged.

Balloon artistry created logos and balloons in Abigael’s favorite colors, and a local florist provided the flowers.  The family creativity does not stop here!  Abigael’s great aunt made pottery vases for the centerpieces and this became a huge successful family collaboration.

The family headed over to the Synagogue for more family photos.  Abigael worked very hard for her Bat Mitzvah and was thrilled she could chant on the Bimah.  Mitzvahs are a family affair and a time for all to come together for this wonderful Mitzvah.  We were honored to be a part of this successful celebration.  Mazel Tov to Abigael and her entire family.   #mitzvahmonday  #micromitzvahmacrolove

VENUE:                       Family garage

SYNAGOGUE:             Temple Israel Center of White Plains

DÉCOR:                        Balloon Artistry

FLORIST:                       Scarsdale Flower Boutique

PHOTOGRAPHER:       Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company, Sheila