Back in early March before COVID 19 hit us…our Sales Director Lisa had been speaking with this potential bride, Hillary for her upcoming wedding at The New York Racquet and Tennis Club on Park Avenue. Her fiancé Diogo and his family are from Brazil and it became apparent rather early on that they would not be able to travel to the United States for their wedding.
Over the summer Hilary reached out again about us covering a small 7 person ZOOM wedding for the couple as they did not want to wait to get married.
Sarah met Hilary and Diogo (pronounced Dee O Goo) in Bryant Park and captured an hour of portraits around the park and in front of the magnificent New York Public Library. Hilary has an identical twin sister who was on hand with her boyfriend to help her sister walking around and to get in some of the photos also! This was very special for Sarah Merians as she too has an identical twin sister and loved meeting another set of twin sister.
Because Diogo did not have his family in town we captured just a few images of Hilary’s family at the church. Our photographer Christina stepped in to take over for the church images as Sarah had to run to another micro wedding!!! The ceremony took place at St. Agnes Church. This was a busy fall day and the photos captured by Sarah and Christina are just spectacular!!! We loved the big smiles on the groom’s face as he was connecting with his family in Brazil on ZOOM. Modern technology at its best!!! Congratulations to this handsome couple!
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company, Sarah, and Christina
PORTRAITS: Bryant Park and New York Public Library
CHURCH: St. Agnes