Diane and Fred tied the knot this past summer in August in the safety and privacy of their Manhattan apartment.  The only guests in attendance other than the couple and their Rabbi were Diane’s three sons not only shared family love but also helped with the service and so much more.

They were essential in helping their grandparents “deal with technology” so they could “zoom” and watch and participate in their parent’s wedding.  Both Fred and Diane are blessed to have all 4 of their parents to share in this Mitzvah even if they were miles away.

Never have generations been more connected before through all sorts of social media platforms.  Grandparents are wise but grandchildren have technology wisdom which has now become a necessity to understand and virtually connect with loved ones as we all continue to quarantine.

This couple reached out to Sarah in July expressing a desire to have a ZOOM wedding because they both wanted to be married, did not want to wait till the pandemic was under control.  They stressed that they had elderly parents that lived in Florida and could not travel for their wedding celebration.

The idea that they shared with us was for Sarah to meet them before the wedding day at their cool home with our videographer Alex, and they would scout out the location for the ZOOM wedding and do an engagement shoot.

They started the afternoon for the photo session at their home and ended up in Central Park.  It was Diane and Fred’s vision to share photos of their love story together over the past year mixed in with video footage from the pre shoot and Sarah’s photos to create a piece as an intro for the Zoom celebration.  They both spoke to their family and friends and welcomed them to their wedding.  Their parents said blessings and toasts and family and friends shared stories and wish the couple well.  It was both personal and awesome and a great start of their “zoom wedding”.

It ended up being spectacular and guests stated it was the most amazing experience for them as a virtual wedding and our zoom wedding services were a huge success!!!

After the wedding ceremony, with a Rabbi and his mask, many family and friends gave speeches and toasts for all to see.

Celebrations do not have to be large to be huge success.  The feelings and love are the same and technology’s silver lining is that many more people get to share in events that may not have before.

This was a remarkable journey together and Sarah and Alex had such a great time capturing this micro wedding.

We miss large and fun parties with dancing and great food…and look forward to celebrating with Diane and Fed again in 2021!   #loveisntcancelled


PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO:                        Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company, Sarah and Alex