By Sarah Merians and Stefanie Jackowitz

There’s nothing greater than photographing a couple’s wedding and continuing the relationship as their family grows. It’s during your child’s first year that they change the most- from being a baby in a belly to their first birthday and all those milestone moments in between. From the first time their eyes connect with yours to that first smile. Sitting up on their own is always a challenge. Then, it’s clapping, crawling and finally walking! It’s important to capture all of these special moments on camera during your baby’s first year because “firsts” only happen once!

We’ve created this wonderful collection of images of our new friend Mollie and her journey from belly to birthday and throughout her first year! Sarah Merians just loved photographing Mollie and her family, watching her grow at each photo shoot from newborn to 4 months, 8 months, and then 1 year!

Layout-SM-BAB012014_Maternity NEW

Tracy is 8 months pregnant at her maternity photo shoot

Newborn 2 weeks Layout-SM-BAB0120142

Mollie is 2 Weeks Old and Already Wearing Pink!

Newborn  2 weeks BAB022014_1Newborn 2 weeks Layout-SM-BAB012014_1We interviewed Mollie’s dad, Evan Tyler, founder and owner of E Three Productions, a New York-based entertainment company, about what it’s like to be a parent in our family-oriented special events industry. We loved what he had to say!

Q: Has having a baby changed you as a business owner?

A: I am not sure if it has changed how I run my business, but it has certainly altered my perception of the industry. For over 22 years, I have shared in literally thousands of weddings, Mitzvahs, sweet 16s and more with my clients. But, holding my daughter’s hand in the hospital for 6 days when she was ill at 12 months crystallized my perspective that these events I help to produce are more than just big parties. There are only a few special times in our lives when we gather all of our friends and loved ones in one place. So these celebrations are actually an expression that we have “made it” through all of the health problems, life obstacles, sleepless nights, tantrums, bumps, bruises, and the million other moments that make being a parent challenging. I love being able to help facilitate those magical evenings with my clients and their families.

4 months Layout-SM-BAB012014_1 4 months Layout-SM-BAB012014_2Sleepy 4-Month-Olds are Adorable!

Q: How has having a baby and being a new parent helped your job?

A: Time management is a major struggle when owning a business. Having my daughter made my time even more valuable, so it constantly pushes me to be effective and efficient. Getting home even 20 minutes late means that I might not see my daughter before she goes to bed. So those are precious minutes and I can’t afford to miss them. Also, having this little person counting on me really reminded me why we all work so hard to succeed. She is all the motivation I will ever need to keep hustling.

Rub-A-Dub Dub!

Rub-A-Dub Dub!8 months BAB101314_1

In Mommy's Heels!

Already Walking in Her Mom’s Footsteps!

Q: How has it helped you relate to other parents?

A: Becoming a father gave me a better understanding of what my clients’ families have actually gone through with raising a child. Now that I am “part of the club,” I am able to empathize more with their struggles and I also have a far deeper respect for my clients who ae able to hold it all together with grace. Now I can discuss real experiences that my family has gone through instead of just listening, which gives us more common ground. No matter how different I might be from one of my clients, we are both parents and spouses… so there is always something to share.

Mollie is Walking! Look at her adorable pigtails!

Mollie is Walking! Look at her adorable pigtails!

14 months BAB040315_214 months BAB040315- New

Thank you Evan of E Three Productions! We love working with you as much as we love your daughter!

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