By: Sarah Merians

It’s obvious that photography is an important part of my life. I believe that my love and passion for photography and family portraiture began with my family visits to a professional photographer for an annual holiday family shoot.

I remember as a little girl picking out a special dress, having my mom fix my hair with a big bow and applying a little blush and some Vaseline on my lips to make me look my very best.  As a child, I didn’t wear makeup so I knew that this was an important event.  Childhood memories are part of our DNA and help shape our family values and who we become as adults.Sarah - Holiday Story

It made me feel special to have my mom fuss over me. But, I also remember how great it made me feel to be a part of my family-something more than just myself- and this great tradition.

To this day, I still remember the photographer with his big old-fashioned bellow camera throwing his head under the black cloth, pulling a dark slide out, and holding up a monkey to get all of us to smile. I began to look forward to the photo sessions every year and that special feeling with my parents, brother, and sister.

It is possible that this first photography experience helped shape my future career. I definitely have taken this tradition into our company as part of our brand and “capturing life at its best.”  It’s no surprise that I love photographing weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and family portraits because of how it makes me feel to be a part of another family’s special day.

I am very blessed. As my father once said, “If you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.”

I want to take a moment to share this post with you as we approach the holiday season.  Now is a perfect time to plan for the holidays and to consider starting (or continuing) this tradition and becoming a part of OUR family.

We offer custom holiday photo shoot packages here at our beautiful studio that include photo holiday cards, designed just for you. We personalize our cards for each of our clients, so they are all unique and one-of-a -kind.

I hope I get a chance to photograph you and your family this holiday season and custom design a holiday card that you love.  XO Sarah


What the holidays mean to me