“Izn’t” she lovely? Isabel’s Bat Mitzvah journey began at our studio with her awesome photo session with our photographer,  Liel. From Tshirts and jeans to her soccer uniform, dress and tiara, Isabel’s personality really shined through at her pre-Mitzvah studio shoot.

We then met up with Isabel and her family at Temple Israel on 75th Street for a pre-Mitzvah photo session on the bimah with her parents and sister Jacqueline. Izzie’s party continued with family and friends at Studio Square in Queens! Clad in blues and teals, Isabel and her family coordinated perfectly with the blue-themed party decor and table cloths, courtesy of Atlas Floral Decorators. Pat Glenn Productions, event coordinators, tied all the details together to make for one successful night. Isabel’s love of soccer was highlighted through the Mitzvah cake and our studio created an awesome Sign In Book featuring Isabel’s birth certificate and art projects from when she was a child!

Take a look at a snapshot of the event below.

Mazel Tov, Isabel!

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