I am going to make an attempt at listing all sorts of things to do and not forget towards the end of the planning.

I am definitely a very organized person and suggest everyone make their “to do” lists and keep checking them off!!!

Here are some things to think about for the home stretch!

-Write toasts and speeches
– Send table list of who is sitting with who to the florist for escort table cards (adult tables primarily)
– Meet all vendors the week of in the space to go over everything and make sure all the crews will work together as a team
– Final timelines for the event with your DJ and catering manager
– Write candle lighting -Confirm all hair and make up appointments
-Make manicure appointments
– Try on outfits to make sure nothing needs altering or cleaning (people tend to loose wait before their party)
-Possibly schedule the removal of your child’s braces (Call and plan with your child’s orthodontist.)
-Review song lists with DJ and make sure your child’s music taste is represented at their party!!!
-Order socks for girls if you have not yet.
-Go over the floor plan to make sure the tables in the room will work together
-Create a final RSVP list if you have not done so
-Confirm rehearsal time with the Temple
-Confirm with all your vendors (photography, video, montage, florist, caterer, etc.)
-Make sure you have several copies of your montage and that it is checked by your DJ to make sure it will work on your day
-Order folders or stickers for your photo booth
-Order T-shirts for DJ and dancers if you want them to wear your child’s party colors and logo
-Order custom water bottles if you want them -Double check sweatshirts or giveaways are ready and make sure cubby attendant, whoever that may be who is helping you with this component of the party, has an alphabetical list of all kids attending.
-Double check all printed items are complete and ready (water bottles,sweatshirts or pants,candy bags, cocktail napkins, tags for kids lockers, T-shirts,  escort table cards, name tags, etc.)
-Remember tallis, yarmulkas, and yad for Temple both on weekday and actual day.
-Sign-in boards or books from photographer may need to be picked up
-Choose aliyot and honors for Temple service
-Call guests who have not responded
– And more!!!

So my advice to all of you going through this INCREDIBLE journey with your child and family is to make lists and due dates for yourself. Should a vendor tell you that you have plenty of time, I may suggest you follow what is in your heart and do what is right for you and how you function and not only what is good for them!

Try and stay organized with vendors names and phone numbers and enjoy every moment!  Planning the party can be very stressful but also a lot of fun if you position yourself with great vendors and professionals.

I hope this blog post was helpful for you.



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