Now that you have your location and other vendors lined up for your child’s big day,  it’s time to shop for outfits and line up hair and makeup appointments!  We offer a complimentary shoot in our studio so that our clients can try hair and makeup “before” the big day!  I strongly recommend this.

My daughter’s outfit was a no brainer!  Everyone I have spoken with who has shopped for their daughter has recommended a shop in Westchester called All Dressed Up.

All Dressed Up

The store is owned by two lovely ladies Monique Gootkin and Betty Dayan.  Emily and I took the drive up to Westchester after school one day and found the perfect outfit on the first try!!!!  They have so many styles and colors for dresses that are age appropriate for a 13 year old.

We knew her color dress was to be purple and found a style we loved immediately. It was ordered and shipped with plenty of time for the big day.  You may need alterations, (like dress straps being tightened or dresses needing hemming) so I suggest you plan on shopping at least a month before your party.

Shoes are less of a concern because, for the most part, there are lots of options and you typically do not need to special order shoes.  I do strongly suggest that you purchase the shoes in time for your dress rehearsal at the Temple on the weekday before the Mitzvah so that your son or daughter can wear the shoes before the actual day and make sure they are comfortable and to avoid any concerns that may arise.

For my outfit for the Bat Mitzvah, I grabbed a close girlfriend for feedback and support and went to Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.  Obviously there are many department stores amd specialty dress shops out there, and some Mitzvah moms opt to have a dress made for them for the event, however I lucked out and found that the first dress I tried on at Bergdorf’s was the winner.  It was a bit more than I wanted to spend (what a surprise) but I wanted to wear an outfit that I loved and this one was the winner!
I am blessed to have one of my best friends be Laura Geller so lining up who I would use for make up was easy.

Makeup By Laura Geller
(212) 570-5477 http://www.laurageller.com

If you have never had makeup done before, it is a really fun thing to do with your daughter.  My daughter did not wear a lot, but we did a little something for her that day.  I do suggest that you have a trial run before to make sure you love the makeup artist and company. There is nothing worse than having amazing photos taken and not liking the way you look in the photographs.  You definitely want to feel like a million bucks!
Laura was also a guest at our party and I was so happy to share this special day with her!!!

I did my own hair on the day of,  but still feel  that you should have a trial run before the party if you have someone to do your hair  so that you are not late to the Temple Saturday morning and that you love the way you look and feel.

I also suggest for all the males and females in your family… you should plan your haircuts at the time that is best for your hair!!  I know for my family getting haircuts about 3 weeks before works better for all of us because it gave all of our hair a chance to grow in a little before the big day.  Everyone has different hair and you will know what works for your family.

For the men in your life, I suggest shopping for fun color shirts that are very “in” right now and ties that will work with the girls’ dresses.  You do not need to be “matchy-matchy,” but you definitely want to be color coordinated so that as a family you do not clash in the portraits where you will all be together!

Check out these shots of some of our Mitzvah kids for ideas!


This is a great opportunity for you to sit down with your child and “pre-shop” before you head to the stores! More Mitzvah girls and their dresses can be found HERE!  The guys? Click HERE! Enjoy! 


Check out our portfolio of family photos featuring lots of past and present Mitzvah clients. Hopefully, this gallery helps you with clothing suggestions and color coordination for your own special day.


Don’t forget to line up manicures and pedicures before the big day and start to think about what sort of jewelry you will wear with your hot new outfit!

Orthodontists may need to be involved with the “looking good” part of your planning because if your child has braces on, you may want to remove them just for the Mitzvah. We decided as a family that braces are age appropriate and that Emily would leave them on for her big day.  I love the way she looks with or with out them and discussed with our orthodontist our options and what we would do! He actually brought it up to us first about 6 months before her Bat Mitzvah because if we wanted to remove them, he wanted to plan for it.