Selecting an entertainment company for your event can be completely overwhelming because of the many companies out there and all their different styles and offerings.  I have worked with all of them!!!

I had recently done a very cool Mitzvah out in New Jersey and worked with a DJ company that incorporated live instruments in addition to the core team.  I thought this was so creative and exciting to watch, as well as  thought it added to the party and energy at the event.  Ultimately I did not end up with that concept but thoroughly enjoyed working withE Three Productions and Evan Tyler.

E Three Productions

His company has several levels of packages that can range in price depending on what is in your custom package.  I photographed Evan’s team in my studio before Emily’s Bat Mitzvah, so it was really fun to work with some of the dancers at my daughter’s party and see them in action!  Here is the team that Evan had gathered at my studio for his website and promotional materials!  I am honored that he loves these images and has them all over his website!


Stay tuned for lots of entertainment party pics from my daughter’s  Bat Mitzvah! Check back July 30, 2012.


Evan Tyler’s crew at E Three Productions is state of the art! Take a look at these great shots from the DJ booth at my daughter’s party!


Just as photography and great food and service are important to the success of your event, the entertainment captures and controls all the energy of the night! Especially if you hire  an amazing company like E Three Productions.  Here are some samples of how E Three rocked the party with the kids, my daughter, and all the adults at our Mitzvah!


Another fun form of entertainment for your guests are games that can be used during cocktail hour for the kids to keep them busy and having fun!  There are so many ideas for  games that I will share with you.  Some of the games can be moved to the reception area after the cocktail hour to keep the entertainment going throughout your event.

I only had three activities at our party due to our budget and the space at our location.  We had a LIDS hat making station, basketball games and foosball.  Check out what other people have done at their events here and below! You’ll find anything and everything from professional twirlers to fire-breathers, to magicians and mimes.

Giveaways at the party are a fun element that your child may want to be involved with!  My daughter is spoiled from seeing so many great things that I have brought home for the past 10 years from other Mitzvahs I have shot!!  She knew what she wanted and liked.  I would ask your DJ Company for a list of what they have and have fun selecting what you want at your own party!!!  Your guests will enjoy the party more with fun hats, glasses and props!